Pincher Creek Women's Emergency Shelter Association
Child Support Services

The main purpose of the Child Support program is to assist and support mothers to meet the needs of their children who have experienced or witnessed family violence. To this end, mothers participate in a “Children Exposed to Domestic Violence” workshop which is designed to gently encourage mothers’ to become aware of the affects of domestic violence on their children.

The intent of this program is to support mother’s to identify and meet the needs of their own children. It is not a babysitting program, however the child support worker designs and facilitates age appropriate activities for children who are in shelter. Mother’s sometimes use this time to attend individual appointments.

Where necessary, appropriate referrals to community resources will be made.

We have a “hands are not for hitting” workshop that can be delivered in schools, and a “dating Violence Prevention program” for adolescents (12-18 yrs).

In addition, the Child Support worker facilitates activities for children and youth at a local youth drop in centre one time per week. The Shelter and the Youth Centre have been working collaboratively to create and deliver programming to youth who have experienced domestic violence.

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2016/2017 Annual Report
July 19, 2017

Our 2016/2017 Annual Report is now available for download. Please find a copy of it here.

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