Pincher Creek Women's Emergency Shelter Association
Crisis Intervention Program

Referral and Information
The referral and information component of the overall program includes the provision of a 24 hour toll free crisis line; information about and referrals to appropriate community resources; information regarding family violence to clients and the general public.

Accommodation (Residential)
The mission of the shelter is to provide a safe, supportive and clean environment for women and children fleeing from domestic violence. At the shelter women and children benefit from the provision of crisis counseling, healthy and nutritious meals, basic necessities, information sessions and referrals to community resources.

Clients also experience the benefits of decreased isolation and mutual support generated through the camaraderie of others in the same situation. Women and children staying at the shelter receive in-house workshops, support groups and activity programs designed to address issues arising from experiencing family violence.

Crisis Counseling
The Crisis Counseling portion of the program incorporates most of the other program components and is for women who are residents at the shelter. This program is typically a 21 day stay, however clients may request an extension of stay if required. Utilizing a Solution-Focused Therapeutic Model of Crisis Intervention, counselors at the shelter will perform an intake designed to identify individual needs, assess risk factors and levels, diffuse immediate crisis, and assist clients in the development of goal-oriented solutions.

Clients are provided with on-going crisis counseling, support, and workshops pertaining to family violence and life skills development including the cycle of violence, danger assessment personal safety plans, self esteem, anger management, coping with multiple demands, conflict resolution, problem solving, assertive communication, planning and job search techniques and meal planning. Clients are also offered information regarding community resources and access protocol.

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2016/2017 Annual Report
July 19, 2017

Our 2016/2017 Annual Report is now available for download. Please find a copy of it here.

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